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خطبه حضرت زینب (س) (ترجمه انگلیسی)
درج شده در تاریخ 1392/09/30 توسط سید ابوالقاسم حاجی وثوق (مترجم).

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I praise to the Lord of the universe and pray to Allah to grant His peace upon His prophet and his family. He said the truth when He said in His book, “Those who committed wrongdoings went on to deny the God’s signs and ridiculed at them.”

O’ Yazid! Did you think you were honored before God and we were degraded and that is due to your grade just because you tightened the land and the sky to us and took us from town to town as slaves? Then you went arrogant and looked around proudly when you saw your world prosperous and things in order and when you enjoyed the kingdom and advantage that was our right?

Halt a moment! Did you forget God’s word, “Those who disbelieved may not think it is good for them when we give them opportunities; we give them opportunities so that they commit more sins and there is a degrading punishment for them.”

Is it of your justice, O’ you, the son of the freed, to keep your women relatives inside and take the Prophet’s daughters from town to town as slaves? You tripped their carrier animals, and exhibited their faces to strangers, and order their enemies to take them from place to place, and let nomads and town settlers, honored or mean, watch them while there was none from their men to give support? And how can consideration be expected of he whose teeth tore ‘the livers of the clean people’ and whose flesh grew from the martyrs’ blood and how can the one who looks at us with hatred and enmity ignore his anger with us?

Then far from feeling sinful or sorrowful, you say, “If only my ancestors were alive to applaud me happily and cordially thank me.

You are saying that while beating against the teeth of the master of the heaven’s youths. Why should you not say that regarding the fact that you opened the wounds and colored your hands with the blood of the Prophet’s children and put off the stars that were on earth, who were among the offspring of Abdalmotalleb? And now you are calling upon your fathers and think you are talking to them? You will join them shortly and wish your hands were dumb and your tongue dull, and you had not said what you did and not done what you did.

O’ Allah! Take our right away from our foes, and retaliate those who oppressed us and send your wrath onto those who shed our blood and killed our men.

I take oath to Allah, you did not cut open but your own skin and not tear up save your own flesh; and you are going to join the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) soon while carrying the heavy load of shedding the blood of His children and scolding his family, who are like parts of His holy body, on the day when Allah brings them together and unifies the holy scattered persons and gives them their right and ‘Never consider dead those who are martyred in the path of Allah, rather they are alive and being fed before their Lord.’ Allah is sufficient to judge about you, and Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) to be your enemy, and Gabriel to support Him in it. Those who put you on throne  and let you rule over Moslems are going to learn soon what a cruel person they chose as substitute and you all will soon see which of you are more miserable and helpless.

Even now that the fate caused me to talk to you, I will scold you and heighten reprimanding you and hold you highly guilty. But the eyes are tearing and the hearts painful. It’s incredible, quite incredible, that God’s noble men are killed by the freed slaves of the Devil. Their hands are shedding our blood and their mouths chewing our flesh. Those holy bodies, wolves are eating and hyenas scavenging. Even if you hold us captives, you are going to find us creditors at the time you do not see but what you have sent beforehand; indeed your Lord never commits injustice. To Allah we complain and upon Him we rely.

Then exploit your tricks and make any endeavor and do your best since, by Allah, you cannot fade our memory or make our revelation die, and the shame will never let up. Is your thought anything but lack of wisdom and your days but only a few? Your gathering is nothing except scattering on the day when the herald announces, “Allah may curse the oppressors.”

Thank Allah, the Lord of the universe, who bestowed happiness and forgiveness on the first of us and martyrdom and favor on the last of us. We pray He pays them their reward and even more out of favor and helps us to be proper substitutes for He is the Compassionate, the Merciful. He is sufficient for us; He is the best agent.